What courses do you offer?

We offer a variety of courses, some are specific to training enforcement personnel who deal with dogs in the course of their work. Others are courses that train employees whom may happen into dealing with a dog as a result of their work, ex: meter reader, deliveries, etc. Enforcement Training Academy also provides in-school programs to teach children about bite prevention.

Are our methods effective?

Everything taught at Enforcement Training Academy is tried and verified to actual first-hand experience and practiced over a period of dozens of years, and hundreds of applicable situations. The methods that we teach when done properly, will greatly reduce the opportunity for injury to the worker; while always doing the least amount of harm to the animal.

What does a course cost?

The cost of each course varies on the time the course takes, the complexity of facilitating the course, and the cost related to where the course is being held. Class size varies according to the intensity of the course material.

How many are in each class?

Class size varies according to the intensity of the course material. It is our goal to give participants an opportunity to have hands-on experience in our seminars, therefore we attempt to keep the classes relatively small. However, we do provide classes where the training does not require any hands-on experience and can facilitate many participants.

What qualifications do the instructors have?

At ETA we only seek out individuals who have demonstrated leadership in techniques and proven success in real-time applications over a period of many years in the field that they are instructing. These people must also excel in the ability to teach these concepts in an interesting and inspiring manner.

Where are the courses held?

Courses are held at our facility at Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, and will also be held off site at various locations across Canada, as is appropriate.